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October 21, 2019

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November 10, 2018

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Monday's with Mona - Word of the Week: Communicate

July 27, 2018

“No one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator. 

 Great leaders connect with people on an emotional level every time they speak. Their words inspire others to achieve more than they ever thought possible.”

Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0


Great communicators excel at listening, are experts at body language, speak to groups as individuals and know their audience.  The ability to communicate is the one strength that all exceptional leaders have in common.  During my public speaking events and leadership trainings, I am frequently asked about intergenerational communication and specifically about millennials.  That burning question in the audience or group is always this:  “How do we communicate with millennials?  They …”  Then people begin the conversation and their list of challenges begins to grow.  To those of you who have been through or are going through our “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect” training program, you know the value of and increased influence you can experience with people by utilizing the tools from the program. Those very same connecting tools and skills that we practice every day apply to ALL people whether they are millennials, baby boomers, Gen X, etc.  People long for connection and the best leaders connect with people of all ages and skill levels. 


This week, challenge yourself to communicate in a way that connects you with the people in your organization.  Think of someone that you’ve wanted to speak with for a while but haven’t made the time to do so.  Make it a priority and schedule the time.  Whether you are sipping coffee with that person or meeting with your entire team, the guidelines are the same:  Communicate to connect.


Here are a few tips to help you Connect:

  • Communicate with openness and sincerity:  Authentic leaders connect.

  • Know your audience.  This means learning people’s interests, their histories and dreams.  Speak to what is important to them.

  • Live your message.  As a leader, we must “practice what we preach.”  This is how we build credibility.    ~The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John Maxwell

As you work on communicating to connect, I would love to hear about your challenges and successes. 


Mona DelSole is now booking speaking engagements and trainings for 2018-19.  Connect with Mona at www.monadelsole.com or email at mdelsole1@gmail.com


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