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November 10, 2018

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Monday's with Mona - Word of the Week: CULTURE

August 5, 2018

“Corporate culture matters.  How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything –

for better or for worse.” -Simon Sinek


If you are a leader in senior care and/or healthcare, it is likely that you are challenged with building a company culture that improves employee satisfaction and reduces turnover.  The costs associated with high turnover are enough to convince anyone in leadership to seek solutions

that retain top employees. Hiring based on shared values and cultural beliefs certainly impacts retention. But some might argue that it is organizational culture that is the most important aspect of retaining great team members.  And while there is no quick “cure” for improving culture to impact employee retention, leaders who dig deep may find at the root of the challenge this influencing factor: Disconnection.


In Leadership Development, we train and coach professionals to connect with their teams in ways that improve employee satisfaction, culture and retention.  Consider that many people who chose a career in senior care/healthcare did so because they longed for connection in their work. These are caring people who wanted to connect to their purpose and saw senior care/healthcare as the best path towards meaningful work. But with the growing workloads, data driven and high stress environments that we experience today, many have not only disconnected with their organizations…but also with themselves and one another.


Improving connection can help to build employee satisfaction, decrease turnover and improve culture. Research shows us that training and coaching programs can improve things like: communication, job satisfaction, staff retention and even productivity.


Three Connection Tips to Impact Culture:

  • Consider a communication training and coaching program for your organization. The goals of communication training and coaching are focused on improving connections and culture. With coaching, rather than telling someone “how to connect with their team,” a Leadership Coach seeks to increase an individual’s self-awareness and self-management. The idea is to look for opportunities for growth and buy into a workable course of corrective action.

  • Connect with yourself. You must be self-aware and have confidence, if you want to be successful at connecting with others. Believe in you and where you are leading your team.

  • Cultivate strong co-worker relationships. As leaders we must schedule time, develop our connecting skills, show appreciation and be encouraging to others.

Practice these tips and begin an organizational shift towards a more connecting culture.

Have a Great Week!


Mona DelSole is a Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer who specializes in helping organizations improve culture and employee satisfaction through group and individual coaching and training programs. For a complimentary consultation, please contact Mona at mdelsole1@gmail.com or call 570-466-2886.

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