Coaching is foreseeing, paving
the way, helping you achieve goals
and overcome limiting paradigms.

Individual Coaching: one-on-one,
private and confidential. Group
Coaching: onsite or virtually.


With commitment, energy, and excitement, my facilitated groups offer education, peer brainstorming, 

masterminding, accountability and

support in a setting to sharpen

business and personal skills. 


Effective team communication

and structure is important for 

forging relationships, equipping your

team with the proper attitudes to

develop leaders from within and

bring cohesiveness to your group.


 As a certified coach, trainer and speaker, I offer customized presentations including board retreats, “Lunch and Learns,” Keynote Speeches, Corporate Trainings and Leadership Summits, and more. 

What I discovered is that the courage to change, at any
age, can result in a fulfilling personal and professional transformation. While each of us has his or her own personal journey, it’s important that it be authentically one’s own for lasting and meaningful transformation to occur.

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