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You are a strong, make-it-happen kind of leader that accomplishes what you set out to do and yet, this year feels like a “never-ending” challenge!


It's likely the goals and visions you had, up until now, have gone largely unfulfilled. Like many, you probably feel uncertain about your business or career direction moving forward. 
You have also decided that you will not be disappointed and let this year be a repeat of the past. You are committed to the creation of YOUR 2021 success. But where do you start?

That is why I created the Leader’s Lab!

Join me for six weeks, along with other growth-minded professionals for learning, growing, and coaching to create a comeback greater than any setback!


This intimate group limited openings, and registration fills quickly. Registration is currently closed. Please check for updates!


Leader's Lab Is for You If:

  • You are ready to create powerfully and you are ready to leave behind the mindsets that limit you. 

  • You want support to envision, build your influence and strategize HOW to make your vision a reality. 

  • You know that goals are important and while you are accomplished, you know there is an inner component to your happiness and success.


You Walk Away With:

A fundamental understanding of the essentials that create momentum and success in your business or career, regardless of circumstances. Topics include: Success and Balance, Leadership/Executive Presence, Mission/Vision/Goal, Strategy, Branding, Intentional Networking and more.


  • A success strategy and specific actions to set in motion immediately.

  • An intimate community of like-minded professionals to encourage and support you.

  • Restored confidence in YOU, your business/career and professional goals.

*For customized Leader's Lab programs, groups of six or more, please email

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