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Feeling Invisible? Want to lead simply, more effectively in the new multi-generational workplace?

For the first time in history the generational landscape has changed…

We now have five generations in the workplace, older workers staying in the workforce longer and younger generations comprising up to 50 percent of the workforce (2020).

Our new age diverse workforce offers opportunities to grow individually and collectively by understanding: Generational communication styles, work-life preferences, perspectives and more.

When I present to organizations on leading in the new multi-generational workplace, people become emotional about feeling a generational disconnect. They talk about gaps that create misunderstandings and miscommunications among diverse age groups at work and even at home. Some talk about feeling “invisible” in the workplace while others talk about being called “slacker.”

People genuinely want and ask for solutions.

From a business perspective, imagine…

A GenZ, a recent college graduate just entering the workplace, needing to urgently communicate with a Baby Boomer supervisor, a decision maker. One prefers digital communication, the other face-to-face. What is the best way to proceed?

A Millennial, in a business development role, trying to persuade/sell a needed service to a Generation X caregiver, who makes important decisions for a Silent Generation loved one. Key to this connection is growing “trust” and the Millennial is unaware on how intergenerational communication builds trust. How will this build the organization’s bottom line?

As leaders, we work to improve generational collaborations, productivity, business growth, retention, innovation and more.

We can reap these benefits simply by developing a deeper understanding about our multi-generational workplace: Start with understanding what creates gap, then learn about generational preferences and communication styles. New knowledge helps create positive change. I like to keep in mind the one characteristic that all great leaders share: All great leaders are great communicators!

Here is one change than can help you cross the generational divide today:

Connect on Similarities: Connecting on similarities is one of the most important first steps that you can take to establish connection across generations:

  • Make yourself available: Choose to spend time with other generations.

  • Listen to learn: Listen to understand and not to simply respond.

  • Be interested enough in other generations to ask questions: Ask open ended questions like: “What” or “How” or “Tell me more…”

To learn more or to schedule Mona to speak to your group about

Leading Across the Generations, email

What is the bridge you need to build to lead across the generations?

Let’s connect on it!

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